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Our mission is to offer services and products that aid in socially and environmentally​ responsible energy production for the country of Japan. While Japan seeks to reduce dependency on non-renewable coal energy and transition to more sustainable and environmentally safe options, we seek to build a bridge between Japan’s need and a cleaner more ethical energy production.

We believe in the ethical production of biomass to replace the need for coal-fired energy for a cleaner, more progressive Japan. We believe we can do this while caring more deeply for the environment, by partnering with and bridging the gap between supplier and Japanese energy production plants to create a more visionary, safer environment for the Japanese people. We partner with the earth, as well, caring for every aspect of sustainable growth and harvesting of forests, of production, and throughout our supply chain–for a healthier environment for us all.

Le Pont is a bridge to a better Japan.

On March 11, 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake ravaged not only the island nation of Japan, but also damaged the Fukushima nuclear power plant and set off a course of events that would forever change the Japanese energy industry. When nuclear shut down due to safety concerns, the use of coal rose exponentially and created a slew of problems for both Japanese energy producers and the Japanese people.

The result is a growing demand for renewable energy sources to replace the outdated and costly coal-burning techniques ​that now dominate​ Japanese domestic energy production. Major power plants use coal-burning to produce Japan’s much-needed energy source, which must be produced domestically due to lack of infrastructure connecting it to any other land source energy provision. To balance the needs for competitive energy pricing, economic competitiveness with other countries, climate change mitigation and environmental sustainability, Japan must find better energy production that distances from the use of coal, which is messy to burn, damaging to the environment, causes health concerns, and is cost-ineffective to acquire. The Japanese government has asked that coal-firing plants transition away from the use of coal by ​2030​, providing a rising demand for alternative and renewable fuel sources.

Wood chips provide an option but absorb too much water, making them difficult to import and store. Wood pellets, mostly supplied from Asia, are low in quality and are not holding up the new standards for environmental sustainability. The largest focus has been on PKS, which is environmentally destructive and sourced from unethical production practices by the countries that provide it.

As Japan adopts FITs (Feed-In Tariffs) to address the growing need for sustainable, renewable energy generation while pulling away from the environmentally and financially costly status quo of wood chips, wood pellets, and PKS (Palm Kernel Shell), a better solution must be adopted. By 2022, these applications will no longer meet the improving environmental standards of the Japanese government amidst growing concerns over legal and ethical procurement of PKS and wood for fuel. Japanese power plant owners are in dire need of a solution.

The solution is torrefied pellets.

The most reliable and attractive replacement for nuclear and coal is biomass. To meet the rising needs of renewable and ethical energy production, while meeting these rising environmental standards, the forward-thinking and responsible technology of torrefaction must be adopted. Torrefied pellets will be the new standard for energy production, making coal burning a thing of the past for Japan. The demand for torrefied pellets, a more renewably sourced, economic, and cleaner option is increasing exponentially. Therefore, torrefied pellets will dominate the market for renewable energy source options.

Le Pont offers a bridge between sustainable suppliers of torrefied pellets and coal-power plants to provide a progressive, cost-effective, cleaner solution for Japan’s growing energy needs. Renewable, self-owned wood supply by our manufacturer eliminates the unethical practices currently being used to supply PKS, which ravages the nations supplying it and thrusts questionable practices into common use. The Japanese government is setting the stage for pulling away from dependence on PKS to fuel the energy supply Japan needs, creating a vacuum of need that torrefied pellets will fill by forests grown, owned, and managed by the manufacturer. To eliminate the astronomic shipping costs currently associated with importing, Le Pont can also provide in-house shipping directly from our suppliers, which drastically cuts costs for power producers in Japan, further strengthening the bridge relationship Le Pont offers.

Japan needs clean burning fuel and Le Pont is here to bring it. We have partnered with a premiere US supplier to bring its high quality product to our plants. These torrefied pellets are high quality, energy dense, and cost effective.
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As Japan continues to seek cleaner, more renewable energy resources, biomass fuel has come to the forefront. Businesses that want to produce clean energy using biomass feed may find themselves overwhelmed with the regulations and contracts that come with it.
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The current supply of biomass feed in Japan is entirely unreliable, not just in price but in output of energy. If your power plant isn’t producing the energy you require it could leave your business in financial ruin.
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Deep Sea Logistics
We care about getting your fuel to you in the most cost effective way possible. Le Pont distributes through a variety of specialty carriers and shipping lines across the globe. We can offer a variety of chartered container/dry bulk ships to and from the main ports in Japan and the USA.
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Ash Management
Though biomass feed is a clean burning fuel, it does still have a byproduct that has to be disposed of properly. Coal based power plants generate an even larger quantity of ash waste that has to be removed.
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Le Pont is your bridge to overseas sales. We are here to help you break through all barriers to achieve your goals. Whether you are a major Japanese company looking to make a deal with a company overseas, or you’re looking to start a business, we can help you make it happen.
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