Le Pont Co., Ltd


Our Services
Le Pont services include the entire biomass project cycle and includes biomass and bio-conversions, co-generation (CHP), Investment in torrefied pellet production in the United States and Japan, Investment in power plants in Japan, off-shore logistics and ash handling.
Le Pont also acts as a brokerage firm for a wide variety of sectors in biomass as well as services outside the field.
Japan needs clean burning fuel and Le Pont is here to bring it. We have partnered with a premiere US supplier to bring its high quality product to our plants. These torrefied pellets are high quality, energy dense, and cost effective. Le Pont has worked to make this biomass feed accessible to create a cleaner Japan.
We have established strong connections with a variety of leaders in the energy sector. We continue to work with major coal based power plants in Japan, biomass based power plants, and a number of plants in the works who are seeking a reliable supply of biomass feed.
As these power plants continue to rise, Le Pont will be right there with them ensuring they are fueled by the very best.
Le Pont’s mission is to fuel Japan in the most environmentally responsible, cost effective way. We are driven to bring this high quality fuel to the energy sector and make it the standard.
As Japan continues to seek cleaner, more renewable energy resources, biomass fuel has come to the forefront. Businesses that want to produce clean energy using biomass feed may find themselves overwhelmed with the regulations and contracts that come with it. Le Pont is here to work with you to overcome those obstacles from start to finish – and even after.
Le Pont is dedicated to bringing clean burning fuel to Japan. We contract with new plants to bring them the best biomass feed with no supply issues. We’re focused on making biomass fuel power plants in Japan more efficient.
We want to help you every step of the way, from starting operations to ash management, Le Pont works with you to find the best products and processes for your plant.
Le Pont has partnered with a supplier in the USA to produce a high performing, cost effective, biomass feed. Our partnership allows us to reduce the cost of all phases of our projects.
For plants currently operating, we want to help you too! If you’re having issues with your biomass supply, or you need to increase your output, Le Pont is here to work with you.
The current supply of biomass feed in Japan is entirely unreliable, not just in price but in output of energy. If your power plant isn’t producing the energy you require it could leave your business in financial ruin. As the number of biomass power plants operating at a loss because of inefficient fuel continues to grow, we worry about the future of clean burning fuel in Japan.
Le Pont is working to prevent these power plants from collapsing by connecting them with established investors. Our investors will take on all ownership of the business and transform it into an efficient energy producing plant running on torrefied pellets. Their goals are to redesign the plant to be cost efficient and produce the most electricity possible for Japan.
We not only save power plants from closing, we help build them too! Once you receive government approval to erect your power plant, Le Pont can connect you with the proper investors.
We have funders available now to invest in your plant and keep clean energy in Japan.
Deep Sea Logistics
We care about getting your fuel to you in the most cost effective way possible. Le Pont distributes through a variety of specialty carriers and shipping lines across the globe. We can offer a variety of chartered container/dry bulk ships to and from the main ports in Japan and the USA. We are able to continue our reach to the minor trading routes, as well, through dedicated shipping partnerships.
The partnership we have with our supplier has allowed us to ship cargo in a safe and secure manner while remaining extremely cost efficient. After the purchase of its own cargo ships, our supplier will directly deliver cargo from the USA to Japan, leaving an empty vessel to return to its home port.
Le Pont will be able to work directly with other bulk cargo shippers to move their products from Japan to the US. We can collaborate with you to move your bulk containers to the USA at highly competitive rates.
Ash Management
Though biomass feed is a clean burning fuel, it does still have a byproduct that has to be disposed of properly. Coal based power plants generate an even larger quantity of ash waste that has to be removed. In Japan we have no space to spare for waste, so how do you remove it in the right way?
Le Pont has a beautiful solution for any and all ash waste. We take your ash and distribute it to our clients who are in need of such byproduct. They take your ash as raw material to recycle into something completely different.
Biomass ash is desired by farmers as it makes a marvelous fertilizer and enhances the soil.
Coal ash is extremely useful for cement and asphalt industries as it makes a great base for their products.
Our connections with these clients allows us to dispose of your waste in a cost effective and beneficial way.
We are here to help you not only dispose of your waste legally, but in a way that contributes to the economy and environment. Le Pont doesn’t care how big, or small, your disposal is, we want to get it into the right hands.
Le Pont is your bridge to overseas sales. We are here to help you break through all barriers to achieve your goals. Whether you are a major Japanese company looking to make a deal with a company overseas, or you’re looking to start a business, we can help you make it happen.
Le Pont has a variety of established connections around the world. Already working internationally, they can easily provide brokerage between you and a company overseas. We are able to act as a liaison between the language barriers and cultural differences to make your deal clear and easy.
Le Pont knows the laws for the buyers and the sellers so you don’t have to. We act as a brokerage firm for a wide variety of sectors and projects. We offer a diverse list of services to aid in biomass fueled power plants and their optimization, as well as services outside of the field.
We can be your broker for any sized project, if you need the help we are here to provide it.